"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."- Buddha
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Don’t fucking talk to me if you have a motive of me falling for you or me becoming your girlfriend .
Its obvious that I’m not okay.
And guys like you, trying to use my problems to get close to me in hoping I’ll fall for you, disgust me.
I need a friend. I need support. I need positivity.
I don’t need your flirtatious moves and hints.
I don’t want to hear how you have a crush on me or anything.
I don’t plan on being in a relationship with anyone anytime soon.
So if you’re trying to use my problems to get close to me in hoping we could become more, you can go fuck off cause I don’t need someone like you trying to take advantage of me!

Summer love

"I’m just going to shop for a present for my friend’s birthday." was the lie I told to my parents so I can secretly meet up with you.
And I’ll never forget how I first looked at you.
My eyes and thoughts only filled with lust and having the only intention to just enjoy myself for only that one night.
Your body getting intimate with mine in the back seat of your car.
And I swear, you were just going to be another guy that I’ll never see again.
Somehow we met up again on that second night.
It was getting hot, steamy, steamy and both of us nearly out of breath in the back seat of your car.
I looked into your eyes and your eyes staring back into mine.
And we both knew.
There was something more between us than a one night stand and a good time.
Our intentions for each other changed.
No longer were we going to part our separate ways after this night.
We wanted more of each other. And from that moment on. You became mine. And I was yours.

I don’t think my life is meant to be filled with success and happiness

I hate being depressed!
I’m tired of always having to find someone to talk too or something to do to make my mind be distracted from my thoughts and problems…

Keep it up mom.
Keep looking down on me.
Keep holding me back.
Keep restricting me on things I need the most.
Keep hating on me.
Keep holding grudges.
Keep lying that you actually care.

All I want is to feel loved and be happy. I want to be good enough as well. Someone to see my many many flaws and my mistakes and still find me enough. That’s all I want the most. Is to be enough for someone.

You can’t do that. You can’t just come to me telling me how much I mean to you, how you liked me a lot and how you don’t want anyone but me. You had your chances and you didn’t take them. I displayed nothing but affection for you and barely of what I showed to you was ever returned back. When I finally got over you and moved on to someone better, you dare try to rekindle things.

I do this thing where I either talk too much or too less. There is no in between. Lol